Monday, March 29, 2021

Digital & Paper Coloring Using Buncee's Coloring Sheets

For National Crayon Day, I have been working on a few technology projects to bring coloring to life in exciting and engaging ways for our students. 
One of these ideas is using My Buncee Coloring Book created and shared by our friends at Buncee.  You can click here for this Buncee. 
Within My Buncee Coloring Book, students can use the drawing tools to color the sheets and...
...even add stickers and animations to bring their creations to life. 
The drawing tool can be found at the bottom of the workspace within Buncee.  You just click on Draw to use the brush type tool.  
You can pick from a variety of colors and can also create a custom color. 
You can even change the opacity of the entire coloring sheet. 
The coloring sheets can also be found by searching for Coloring in the Buncee Backgrounds.  This is how I have my students find them easily as they are creating. 
When they find a coloring sheet background they want to use, just click on it and add it to that page. 
There are several to choose from.  I love how they have created them to inspire students to add their own learning and creativity.  There is plenty of room on each for this type of creation. 
They can be colored within Buncee on a laptop or iPad.  Our students love coloring and creating using their Chromebooks.  
And like any Buncee, they can be downloaded and printed giving your students a place to use their crayons to color them too. 

Today, I heard there will be even more coloring sheets within Buncee.  I am excited to use them this week for National Crayon Day and for an animal research project we are doing with our kindergarteners using PebbleGo Animals.  I will share more about this soon, friends.

Have fun celebrating National Crayon Day! 

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