Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A Special Contest For National Crayon Day From Our Friends At StickTogether!


With National Crayon Day right around the corner on March 31, 2021, I have something VERY exciting to share!  Our friends at StickTogether are hosting a contest to highlight the creativity of our kids and what they can create with crayons. 

For this contest, have your students create original crayon drawings.  They need to have big bold colors and no lettering.  Our students at Van Meter created their drawings on plain white paper.  

After you collect the drawings, you will email them to StickTogether (instructions below). 

And the BEST part!  The winning crayon drawings will be turned into virtual sticker boards!  

You will find all of the entry guidelines at the bottom of this post. 
Here is an example and one to show your students as they create too.  StickTogether took this crayon drawing from one of our students at Van Meter and turned it into....
...this beautiful virtual sticker board.  Here are a few more examples.....
Our students LOVE the virtual sticker boards.  And I love the collaboration that can take place within this virtual activity using student creations.  What a great way to make this National Crayon Day extra special at school and while learning remotely.  

Here is how to enter:
1) Have students use one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. 

2) Have them use crayons to draw a picture with big bold colors that fills the page.  Fill the background with color as well - the more color the better. Try to avoid fine lines and lettering.

3) Scan your students' crayon artwork and email them to info@letsticktogether.com before Sunday March 28, 2021. Make sure to include your name, the student’s name (optional) and the student's grade

The WINNER will be announced on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

One WINNING image per grade will be added to the Virtual Stickboard Gallery and the librarian or teacher who submitted it get 50 Free Stickerboards. 

We will also select one Grand Prize Winner. The librarian or teacher who submits the Grand Prize entry gets the image added to the Virtual Stickboard Gallery and 100 FREE Stickerboards or 1 FREE Custom Kit of the student drawn image or 2 FREE Standard Kits.

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