Sunday, March 28, 2021

A Cool Tip & Tool For Sharing Links & Information On Social Media With Linktree!


Hi friends, 

I have a little tip for you today. I hope you find this helpful too. 

I use a several different social media accounts for personal and work purposes,  As I shared information, resources and links to my blog posts, I needed to find a tool to help me out.  

That is where Linktree came into the picture.  

Linktree is such a super cool and easy way to share links and information anywhere online with one link.  It helps by making your online content more discoverable and easier to manage, which sure is handy as we create and share content. 

I share my Linktree to any place in a profile that lets me add a url. As you can see on my Instagram profile, I added my Linktree right at the bottom where it asks for a website.  

When is clicked, it opens up my Linktree page with all the links I added.

I was using the free Linktree, but this month I upgraded to the pro version for $60 per year.   The free version was great as well and I used that for a few years. 

Within Linktree, I love how we can pick...


customize the appearance, select or upload images, 
select button style and color, 
find the perfect font and much more. 

We can also view analytics and set it up with other social media tools and sites. I find this helpful. 

You can find out more about Linktree here, friends

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