Sunday, February 2, 2020

Organizing Book Clubs With Wakelet!

I have been working with one of our secondary language arts teachers on developing new book sets around specific themes.  I love this work and finding the perfect books for these themes. 

We started with books focused on the Holocaust, which just happen to be some of my favorite books to read too.  

As we wait for the books to come next week, I thought it would be helpful to bring information together about each title in one spot, so the students could start learning about all of them.  When all of the book sets are cataloged, the students will then be ready to go.  

I decided that Wakelet would be perfect for what I wanted to accomplish with this collection of book covers, book trailer videos, author and publisher information, and more. 

Wakelet lets us organize, save and share content from across the internet and content that we create.  It is easy to use, easy to share and guess's free! 

Here is the Holocaust Book Clubs Wakelet I created...let me show you how to create a Book Club Wakelet for your students, teachers and libraries too. 
When you start a Wakelet, you can change the background image and cover image. It's really easy to select images from the bank Wakelet has included or upload your own. 
Then you can start adding things to your Book Club Wakelet.  By clicking on the little + signs throughout each Wakelet, this menu pops up that lets you add from URL Links, Text, YouTube, Tweets, Bookmarks, Images, PDF, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Flipgrid.

As you start adding in all of these things, you can move anything around on the Wakelet too.  
Once you have everything added, you can Share the Wakelet... a variety of ways including OneNote, Google Classroom, social media, by copying the link and a...
...QR code, which we all love using. 
It is super cool how others can be added as Contributors in a variety...
...of ways including link, email or name. 
Next to Share, you will see three little dots that take us to... 
...several different choices including, one of my favorites....Embed, like I did here...

When I was all done with this Wakelet Collection, I put it in a Collection by Destiny around the
Holocaust and added that to our Secondary Symbaloo to give them all lots of support, guidance and
excitement around the books and topic.

I am putting together a few for our elementary now and am thinking Wakelet acts a lot like a
HyperDoc by adding links, videos, apps and other innovative and interactive elements.
You can sign up for Wakelet free here.

Have fun creating your own Wakelet collections friends! Let me know what you create. I would love
to see how you use them too.

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