Sunday, February 9, 2020

PebbleGo Valentine's Day Party Idea!

It's Valentine's Day this week and we are getting ready to celebrate this holiday with our students and community.  

When my own kids were younger, I remember always looking for fun, yet educational ideas, to plan for their classroom Valentine's Day parties.  

We also love doing special library themed Valentine's Day activities when our students come to the library before school and throughout the day.  

I have a PebbleGo Valentine's Day party idea to share with you! 
Our friends at Capstone have a NEW PebbleGo Bingo Card available on the...
...Capstone Lesson Plans and Activities page, which is full of ideas, projects and lots of sheets to use.

You can find the PebbleGo Bingo Card to download here.  I printed them in color on card stock and laminated them so we can use them over and over for all classes and year to year.
Using candy conversation hearts, the PebbleGo Bingo Cards, and....
...PebbleGo, students will be able to have lots of fun playing Bingo together, while reading, learning and using their research skills in all of the PebbleGo databases. 

You could even throw in a few extra questions around the Valentine's Day article in PebbleGo found... Social Studies and...
...within Holidays.  
They will love learning a little more about the history, symbols and celebrations around Valentine's Day and lots of other interesting and engaging topics too. 

I can't wait to celebrate with our students at Van Meter on Friday with a little PebbleGo Bingo!  Let us know if you do too! 

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