Thursday, February 27, 2020

The New AppSmash With Buncee and Flipgrid!

There is a NEW appsmash that we celebrated this week!  It the amazing appsmash between Buncee and Flipgrid that lets our students share their visual voice and so much more. 

With this latest integration, we’re excited to announce that you can now embed your Buncees to Flipgrid and keep all of the fun and interactive features intact! Now, you can easily add your Buncee creations to your Flipgrid grids. For example, a teacher could share an interactive language learning Buncee to a grid, and then have students record video responses in Flipgrid to add to the grid. Or, a teacher could add a test prep Buncee to a grid full of test prep videos and resources, for students to review for an upcoming test.

Let me show you how this works. Here are the steps that you take to appsmash Buncee and Flipgrid together.  You will find them in this Buncee to share as you explain and teach this integration too. 
You can also have them add the link to their Buncee to the Flipgrid video, which gives them one more place... thoughtfully connect their work so it is easy to look at each others Buncee's on the Flipgrid as they leave comments and feedback to classmates and friends. 

Thank you Buncee and Flipgrid for making this integration happen and for giving our students another amazing place to be heard and share their visual learning with classmates, teachers, families and the world. 

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