Sunday, February 16, 2020

Bring Presidents Day Research To Life With Fortune Tellers & PebbleGo!

As we celebrate Presidents Day, here is a little PebbleGo Tip to kick off the celebrations and learning this week.  
All of the Presidents and First Ladies, can be found in PebbleGo and...
...PebbleGo Next, depending on which grade levels you work with. 
With so many interesting and...
 ...important facts shared in each article,
I thought it would be fun to use the PebbleGo Fortune Tellers to engage our students...
...and get them excited about what they were reading and learning in the PebbleGo Biographies. 

I wrote about these on my blog, Research Fun with the PebbleGo Fortune Tellers
Since the Biographies Fortune Teller in the PebbleGo Lesson Plans and Activities is focused on a variety of facts found in lots of different types of Biography articles, 
 I found the blank PebbleGo Fortune Teller to make my own.  You will find it here.
I took facts from the PebbleGo Presidents and First Ladies articles and...
 ...filled in the Fortune Teller PDF with I wonder questions like Capstone did in the Biographies one.

You can make a copy of the PebbleGo Presidents Day Fortune Teller here.  I just put it into a Google Doc, so we can all make copies.
As your students use PebbleGo to research and find the answers on their Fortune Teller, they can also color them too.

To make it even more challenging, share the PebbleGo Fortune Teller Template with your students and have them create their own Presidents Day Fortune Tellers.  They could do this by themselves, with a partner or even in a small group.
When they have finished, have them give others a try as they learn even more interesting and wonderful facts about our Presidents and First Ladies.  

It will definitely bring Presidents Day research to life! 

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