Thursday, February 13, 2020

Giving Our Youngest Students What They Need When Creating With Technology!

Today, our first graders kicked off using Buncee, one of our favorite digital storytelling tools.  

Since this was their first time using Buncee, we wanted to make sure they had the tools and supports to be successful logging into their account and creating for the first time.  This is important as we want all learners to feel supported and empowered with success and failures as they use new technology tools and platforms. 
As I set up all of the first graders in Buncee this week, I made sure to Enable Simple Login with each student.  This is super easy to do!  Once you have your students set up, just go into Edit Student, click on Enable Simple Login and... the two Password Images you would like to use.  For the littles, I picked the same two animals for all of the first graders so we would all remember easily. 
First, we use the first grade Symbaloo to direct them to Buncee.  This is another digital tool that brings confidence and success to all students as it takes them to all of the online resources they need at school and at home. 
After the students log into Buncee, they click Next and...
Select Your Password Images.  

It is such an amazing way for our littles to get logged into Buncee. 
In fact, I just received a text from one of our first grade parents, who just happens to also be a teaching colleague of mine.  
Look what she shared about her son, Christopher, using Buncee tonight at home.  It just shows that giving students the tools and confidence they need when using technology makes a huge impact on how they feel about using these tools and apps. 
Once they are signed in, students saw the words Create your first Buncee now and away they went on creating their own Buncee. 
We created a little poster for them to use that walked them through the six steps we talked about.
This helped guide them independently through the process and answered questions along the way.

You will find the Buncee Login Directions poster here.   This can be replicated for other technology tools and sites too.
 We loved watching how excited they were as they created....
 ...Buncee's about themselves.
I know they can't wait to share with their classmates and families, 
just like Christopher did with his tonight. 

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