Friday, February 28, 2020

Read Across America" Bloxels Project....Get Your FREE Template & Directions Here!

With Read Across America coming up on March 2nd, our elementary students will be celebrating literacy in all kinds of ways the entire week and all month long. 
One of the projects I am most excited about will happen in the library as they create Read Across America Bloxels video games! Our students LOVE creating and collaborating with Bloxels and have created lots of amazing video games based on stories and research throughout the last year. 
One of our favorite ways to use Bloxels is to have students tie in literacy through storytelling, especially fractured story writing from popular books and genres. You can read how the 2nd grade did this last year with The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose At School and Diary of a Worm. 
Their video games were adorable and filled with such creative and thoughtful writing, pictures and animation. Within Bloxels, they are able to add writing to the white blocks so this is what makes it a very engaging and successful digital storytelling tool.  

After collaborating with my teacher librarian partner, Jessica Burke, we thought up the the idea of having them use Bloxels throughout the month and focus their video game creations around literacy. The students in grades 2nd through 5th, will get with a partner or small group for the Read Across America Bloxels project where they will create a video game based on a favorite book character or fracturing up a favorite book. 
As they begin their work with Jessica in the library on Monday, each group will use the Read Across America Bloxels Project Google Document template that you can find here.  Feel free to make a copy and use this with your students and teachers too.

They will develop the game and story thinking about titles, characters, setting,
 middle and...
...end of their story.  There is also a place for them to sketch out their main character on a little piece of grid paper as they could build it on the...
...Bloxels board. 

The students will be working on these games all through March and will be excited to share them with each other and all of us.
To find out more about Bloxels, you can visit the site here

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