Saturday, February 22, 2020

Using Buncee With Our TK & Kindergarteners For "All About Me" Buncee's! Get The Directions Here!

This last week, our youngest learners at Van Meter, TK and kindergarten, learned how to login and create using Buncee. 
As I wrote in the post earlier in the month, Giving Our Youngest Students What They Need When Creating With Technology, there are a lot of things to think about with young students and technology, but with a few of these supports they will be successful in their learning and creating. 
As we got our TK and kindergartners started, we introduced Buncee with the 6 directions found on this Google Doc here.
 Our friends at Buncee took the Buncee Login sheet to create this amazing Buncee....
Buncee Login and Start Creating Directions that you will find here
I added a link to this Buncee to the kindergarten and first grade Symbaloo just in case they need to revisit the directions or would like to look at them at home too.  
Next, we introduced the first Buncee project we would be working on by creating a sort of Hyperdoc  with 7 steps to follow in creating their All About Me Buncee.  

You are welcome to use this and will find it here.
Using this visual Hyperdoc, they were able to follow the pictures and directions for...
creating their All About Me Buncee by adding stickers,
web images and more.
We even had some special help from Mrs. Ferguson's 2nd graders which was awesome since they are experts now with Buncee. 
By the end of the week, it sure was fun seeing...
...our littles personalizing their Buncee's with things they loved and that...
...represented them.  They were very proud of the Buncee's they created.

We stitched together several of their Buncee's into this big All About The Van Meter Tk & Kindergarteners Buncee.  You can click through the pages in this embedded Buncee or click here to take a look too. 

They will LOVE seeing their work online and will be so excited to know they collaborated to create an online book. 

We can't wait to use Buncee with them again! 

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