Thursday, August 13, 2015

WOW! Have You Seen Everything ReadWriteThink Has! Student Interactives, Apps, Calendars, and So Much More!

One of my favorite to-go websites for finding a variety of digital interactive tools is ReadWriteThink. 

I have used it for a lot of projects including creating favorite author trading cards, interactive timelines and haiku poems.  

I loved helped the 2nd graders as they researched and created My Life As A Reader digital timelines with ReadWriteThink's Timeline interactive tool.   You can read about this project here. 
As you can see, ReadWriteThink brings so many things to our students, teachers and school communities.  

I always find something new when I visit their website.  It is packed full of awesome!  
Today when I was on the website I found the BEST calendar highlighting important literacy events throughout the year.  Within Calendar Activities, you can search by day, week or month....and even print all of these off to use in your library or classroom.  

However, the place that I enjoy going to on this site are the Student Interactives and Mobile Apps.  
I have used a lot of the Student Interactives to engage students in online literacy learning but today I was blown away by all of the different interactive tools that were included on the ReadWriteThink website.
There are 58 Student Interactives to be exact!  And I couldn't talk about just a few of them....I wanted to show you all of these wonderful digital tools that can bring so much to your students as you start a new school year.

Check these out! And to go to the entire list online, you can go here.   I will share a little more about what to find within each Student Interactive at the end of this post.
Within each of these Student Interactives, there are several teaching tools including Standards, Resources and Preparation, Instructional Plan and Related Resources.  

I love the lessons plans for each one!  There are several choices included.  
As the student create using the Trading Card Creator, you see they work through a variety of promotes that helps them create their trading card. 
 The detailed lesson plans guide the teacher and supports their students in every way.
Within each lesson plan, you will find it laid out for all of the different grade levels too.....Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, Grades 7-8, Grades 9-10, and Grades 11-12.
And guess what?  

ReadWriteThink didn't stop at the online interactive!  They also created a free app for Trading Cards and three other of the Student Interactives. 
Check out all of the ReadWriteThink apps here.

I have one more thing I want to share with you....

This is a question that I had when I first started using ReadWriteThink in the library.

The answer is Yes....
You can watch this video to find out exactly how saving work with the Student Interactives works.

I hope you go back, check out these terrific tools for your students, and set them off to create this year.  I know you will love what happens when you do.

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