Friday, August 14, 2015

What A Great Day At Houston ISD.....And Just Look At The Bookmobile!

As I think about my day at Houston ISD with all of their teacher librarians and other book world friends, I can't help but have this sweet little bus pop up in my thoughts. 
I loved sharing my story and inspiring them to Be The Change in my keynote that opened their day.  
I loved seeing so many friends and learning about new products, books, library stories, and how they were being the change libraries and schools.
I loved sharing how MackinVIA can be used to organize all of the digital resources within libraries including eBooks, databases, videos, and links to anything online, including digital content that is student created.
I loved telling everyone about the Cantata Learning books and giving several away.  These were a big hit....and I wrote about how you can get one free too.
But the thing from the day that truly stands out to me is the moment that my friend Janice took us out in the parking lots to see the Houston ISD Bookmobile.  I just couldn't believe how neat it was sitting there....just waiting for all of us to come on and visit their mobile library.
From the moment you stepped one foot onto the bookmobile, you felt right at you were in your new favorite library and reading space.
Janice told me that the transportation group at HISD was very excited about getting involved in this project.  

They took an old bus and transformed it into the bookmobile.  

The shelves are just beautiful.....and the wood floor is too.  
These boxes were filled with more books and bags.

What a special place....and so inspiring to think about the impact this library department and community are creating through their Bookmobile.
On the HISD website, you can find how the HISD Bookmobile was used in conjunction with the promotion of their summer reading program
The schedule can be found there too.
I can't wait to read how successful the HISD Summer Reading Program was over the summer.  There was a lot done to make sure all students were engaged and excited readers.
But as I think back to that parking lot, I remember that these teacher librarians are all about change, innovation, collaboration, and connecting.  With the Bookmobile, they have done all of these things....and even more.

Thank you Houston ISD for being so gracious and kind.  And for sharing your Bookmobile with all us.  

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