Monday, August 24, 2015

Smashing Smore and Canva Together....What A Beautiful Result!

Two of my favorite digital tools are Smore and Canva!   So being able to smash them together in one project is the best!

My daughter Brianna and I have been working on a new project all about being connected.  We decided to put it together using Smore because it creates such an awesome online newsletter that is easy to combine lots of elements that are easy to share, edit and embed.

One thing that I always want to do though is really spice up my projects and make them totally unique.  So this is when I turn to Canva, my favorite graphic design tool!
Within Smore, you are able to add Pictures....
either as a Big Photo or a collage of three in a Photo Gallery.

I wanted to add two different types of text boxes to the Smore, so I created Canva's to serve as big photos.
I wanted one to be square and hold lots of information, so I choose the Social Media Design within Canva.
This created a great Canva to be used!  I love how it turned out....and how it really completed my new blog design that I also created with Canva.
Next, I wanted to find a design that was skinny to be used as titles for each of the 12 ways to be connected. For this one, I used one of the new designs within Canva....Etsy Banner.
It created just the look I wanted.
You can see by smashing Canva into Smore it creates such a beautiful result! 

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  1. Looks great! :) Looking forward to trying this out too, although I'll probably use Canva and Tackk instead of Smore... :)