Thursday, August 13, 2015

They Loved The Cantata Learning Books at Houston ISD....Get Your Free Cantata Learning Book From Capstone Publishing Too!

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day with the teacher librarians at Houston ISD.  I love coming to Texas to work with all of the teacher librarians and educators here....and today was just so special.

You can read all about the Houston ISD library program here.
To add to the fun, I had the honor of giving away several Cantata Learning books.  
These are stories paired with beautiful music....and to make it even better the music is located in the back of the book on a CD, downloadable on iTunes, and free online.  

I have posted about Cantata Learning several times on my blog....You can read about this amazing publishing company here and and about creating a Musical Makerspace with Cantata Learning books here

And guess what?  Just because you weren't in Houston today doesn't mean you have to miss out on getting a Cantata Book for your library too. 
When you go to you will receive 3,000 bonus points that Capstone is giving you to redeem for a free Cantata Learning book. 
If you are already a Capstone customer, you will need to enter your member number and the Code 15Cantata to claim the bonus points. 

If you don’t have a member number yet, you will need to go to the “Enroll” link on the top of the page. 

Once you have complete the enrollment form, you will have a member number.  This is what you will use when applying for the 3,000 bonus points for your free Cantata Learning title. 

If you have a member number and can’t remember it, there is also a “Forgot Member Number Link.”

I just know your little ones will love the Cantata Learning titles....We sure do!  

I can't wait to see more teacher librarians tomorrow in Killeen and go back to Houston ISD next week to share more of these wonderful books too. 

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