Sunday, August 9, 2015

Join Us For Our AASL Free, Live Webinar......"Remind" For Libraries!

One of the best ways to connect with your students, teachers, and parents is to use the digital tool and app Remind.  
Their website says Reach students and parent where they are....and this is definitely something that Remind can do for your school community, classrooms, and especially within the library.  

I was able to share so much from our school library using Remind....special events such as maker lunches, book fairs, and Skype visits with authors; new books to our collection; news from our SWVBC (Somewhat Virtual Book Club) and Technical Difficulties; tips for research and new digital tools; and much, much more. 

My friends at Remind and I want to inspire you to use this wonderful communication tool within library by putting together a wonderful event with AASL on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. 
It is called Remind for Libraries.  Jordan Pedraza and I will be presenting this webinar together. 

Join us for a webinar where we’ll provide an overview and discussion on using Remind for libraries. Used by 1 in 5 teachers across the US, and named a 2015 AASL Best App for Teaching & Learning, Remind is a free communication tool that helps teachers connect with students, parents, and staff. Remind helps school communities deepen relationships and engagement through instant and safe communication through text and mobile app messages. Whether you’re sending announcements to the entire school community about new library resources or chatting with a small group of students about finding references, Remind can help librarians extend and deepen learning experiences for all. In this webinar, Jordan Pedraza from Remind and Shannon Miller, Teacher Librarian and Tech Integration Specialist, will share best practices and stories of how teachers, students, and library staff can leverage Remind as a tool for learning, communication, and collaboration.
 You can register for FREE by clicking on this link.
 Also, you can receive a certification of participation by attending the live webinar.
I just know that by participating in their webinar you will be ready and excited to take this back to your students too.

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