Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So Excited To Give Cantata Learning Books To The Houston ISD Bookmobile Today!

Today, I had the honor of presenting at Houston ISD for the Job-Alike Teacher Librarian Day.

I was in Houston ISD last week as well and enjoyed every minute.
When I was here at Houston ISD, they couldn't wait to show me the Bookmobile. You can read all about this experience here.
I was very impressed by the Bookmobile and all that it has to offer the young people and community at Houston ISD.

But on this day....It made me want to do more.

So, I reached out to my friends at Cantata Learning.

I told them all about the Houston ISD Bookmobile.  I told them how they were empowering their learners and teachers throughout the district in using technology, but how they also didn't forget about the fundamentals in empowering their teachers, students and school community with literacy, reading, and creating differences in education.

Please read about the Houston ISD Bookmobile project here.
My dear friends at Cantata Learning agreed with me and knew what they would do to help empower the readers at Houston ISD....and make a difference!

They would send their books and give them links to the online music.  And to make it even better.... these books were to go onto their Bookmobile for the entire district to read and use.
Since I was going back to Houston just a week later, my friends at Cantata Learning got right to work....
sending the Cantata Learning books to Houston ISD.
I  was so excited to announce this to Houston ISD today....and make a difference with the stories and songs that fill the Cantata Learning titles.
I loved this part of my day.

To share the love I have for wonderful books and digital content is one of my passions. And to share them with school districts such as Houston IS....This makes it all worthwhile when making a change in education.

Thank you Cantata Learning for bringing so many beautiful stories and songs to our young learners.   
You are truly making a difference within the lives of our young people and that of education.  

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