Monday, August 17, 2015

My Online Facelift With Canva!

I have been thinking about giving my blog, email and other online places a little facelift for awhile. Tonight while watching movies with Hagan, my sister Heather and her family, I did!  

And I love the changes!  
Ever since I started my blog several years ago I have used the customized template choices within the Blogger platform.  I always wanted to make my own header but didn't really find anything I loved.  

Not until I started using and creating with favorite graphic design tool to use for personal educational, and professional purposes.
I started by creating a new signature for my gmail.  I wanted it to be a square graphic so I picked the Album Cover within Canva.  
I then added an image and the text over the top.   
I love how there are so many different fonts to make interesting combinations. 

When I was done with the design, I saved it as a PDF.  
I then added the saved Canva image to my gmail signature.  
Next, I took the same Album Cover image I created for my email and changed the wording for my blog, The Library Voice. 
On this one I wanted to share it with Heather so she could see it too.  It is very easy to share it by clicking on Share in the right hand corner.  It can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, through an email or link. 

The awesome thing about sharing your Canva designs......They are Editable Designs!  This is a great feature for education as students can share with others while creating, editing, and saving their Canva designs too.  
This is the email Heather received from my design.  By clicking on See the Full Design, Heather can see and edit the design too.  

If there is anything I even want to change I just go to my Canva account, click on the saved design, and make changes.  Then I can save and download again. 

I am going to continue to work on my blog and other online places tomorrow.  I love the new look and can't wait to do even more.  

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