Monday, August 10, 2015

Kick A New Year Of Reading Off Right At Your School With MackinVIA & Fun Ways To Connect With Books!

As school starts again, everyone is looking for exciting and fun new ways to get our young people excited about reading.  We want to kick a new year of reading off right within our libraries, classrooms, and online spaces.  

One place that you can bring wonderful books and reading experiences to your students all year long at school, home and on the go is in MackinVIA.  Within MackinVIA you can add eBooks, databases, audiobooks, videos, and even online links to free content and student created digital stories and other projects.

And guess what.....MackinVIA is a free platform for any school community to use!

Our friends at Mackin Educational Resources are always creating awesome tools and resources to use with MackinVIA too. 
A few months ago I wrote a post called Awesome New Ways To Promote & Engage Your Readers With The eResources Within MackinVIA.  It included lots of ways that Mackin is helping all of us engage our readers and celebrate the collection we have within our MackinVIA library.  

They have done it again this fall.   I can't wait to see you see what they have for us now! 
First, check out the new books that you can download for free from the website.

These are not only super fun to look at....they are also really helpful in spreading the word about your MackinVIA.  The bookmark has a place for the school username and password.  It also has a spot for the students individual Backpack username and password.  This is the place that really makes using MackinVIA individualized for each student.

Within their Backpack, students can save eBooks, databases, audiobooks, videos and links to other websites and digital tools.  My son Hagan loves taking care of his MackinVIA Backpack and really enjoys finding his favorites there.
And check out the Shelf Talkers and Book Cover Labels!  

This is the perfect way to tie your print and eBook collections together.  With the Shelf Markers you can set them up to be included on your shelf with any book with the QR code connecting students to the eBook version of the same title.  
I love the custom eBook stickers!  

The cover above shows the sticker on book cover on the shelf and lets your students know their is an eBook available within MackinVIA of the same title.  

And with this one, you can customize the QR code to direct the students to that eBook version by scanning it on the front of a book cover.  How cool is that!?!  
They have also created these adorable logos and widgets that you can add to your school library or school website, blog, or other online places.  
This will surely grab your students attention when you add it to your site like I did with my blog. 
One last thing I want to mention that they have included on the MackinVIA page are the Lessons about various topics.
There is one all about Finding the Part of an eBook, which is a perfect fit when introducing all of your digital resources within MackinVIA this year. 

Don't forget to check out the other lesson plans too. 
If you are new to MackinVIA, it is easy to sign up for FREE at  

When you sign up you get 10 free eBooks to start....You even get to pick the grade level you want.

I also wanted to share this video MackinVIA in the Classroom from Mackin Educational Resources on Vimeo.  This is a great way to introduce and refresh your teachers, parents and school community with MackinVIA and all the it has to offer.  

Have fun getting your library ready for students and teachers this fall.  And don't forget to think about your online collection too.  It is a wonderful way for our young people to connect to reading and to stay connected all year long.  

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