Sunday, January 31, 2021

Check Out The New and Helpful Quarantine Feature Within Destiny!

With our library open for students and teachers to check out books, there is a lot to think about and organize as we put the books in and out of quarantine as they are circulated throughout the week. 
Well, guess what? There is now a feature within Destiny, that makes this process easier for us, as teacher librarians, and...
...our students as they build their Destiny Library Shopping Lists and...
...check on Destiny for the books they want to read.  

It's the NEW and helpful quarantine feature within Destiny! 
As shared on the Destiny Quarantine library Manager and Resources Manager Materials online flyer

To safely handle resources, districts can enable auto-quarantine for Library Manager and Resource Manager. When a copy or item is checked in, its status becomes In Quarantine. The status automatically becomes Available at the end of the quarantine period. Users with the appropriate permissions can check in or check out items In Quarantine.

Diana and I set our up a few weeks ago.  Let me show you how to do it too. 

Destiny Administrators need to enter the number of days to automatically quarantine library or resource items when they are checked in. 1. Log in as a Destiny Administrator. 2. Select Setup > Sites sub-tab. 3. Next to the district name, click . 4. In the Library Management and/or Resource Management section, enter the number of days to Quarantine returned copies.
1. Log in as a Destiny Administrator. 

2. Select Setup > Sites sub-tab

3. Next to the district name, click on the little pencil, as shown circled in the image above. 
4. In the Resource Management section,
enter the number of days to quarantine returned items. 

5. Click save. 
Now when books are In Quarantine, we can see that detail under Status. The report is generated when the material is returned from quarantine. 

It's that easy. 
We love that the quarantine feature has been added to Destiny as it is so helpful to us as librarians and one more way to support and encourage our young readers as they find and check out books throughout the year.

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