Monday, January 18, 2021

Turning Up Creativity & Design With 3DuxDesign At Van Meter! Just Wait Till You Hear The Story Behind This Awesome Resource!

Today, we kicked off work with a new STEM and Makerspace tool called 3DuxDesign. My friends at Maker Maven shared 3DuxDesign with me a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to learn more. 

I started by connecting with Ayana Klein, who is the co-founder of 3Dux Design. We had such a fun conversation. I love the story of how Ayana and her brother, Ethan, started the company from their passion for creating, along with the support of their parents. 

After hearing their story, I asked Ayana to share it with all of you too.  

Three years ago, my younger brother Ethan and I launched our startup, 3DuxDesign ( with a mission to make learning fun, engaging  and more accessible to all children. We designed an architectural modeling system that blends hands-on creative play with STEAM education and world learning. 
A little background on the company: during a high school summer program at Columbia University, NYC, I was inspired to create a new learning tool for young students. I appreciated the way architects think not only about the beauty of a space when they design but also about the people who use that space; what their needs are and how good design can improve the lives of the people that use that space. I also appreciated that through architecture, urban design and design thinking process, I was inspired to better understand the needs individuals, the community as a whole and the need to design for a sustainable future, And, I was also inspired to learn more about technology, not specifically because I enjoy it but because I needed to use those tools to design a better world. 
It was the first time during my education that I was truly felt the need to use my knowledge and skills for something that I felt could (if it were built) actually make a difference in the world. But I was also frustrated that it took until 10th grade for me to feel that excited about learning. I decided to develop an architectural modeling set for younger children with a mission to blend the arts, humanity  and  creative play with modern STEM education.  With the help of my younger brother, Ethan, we engineered the 3DuxDesign cardboard-based modeling system, making use of the most ubiquitous modeling material in the world, the corrugated box. 

It's such an inspirational and cool story for our young people, and for all of us as librarians, educators and parents too. 

We welcomed Ayana into Mrs. Ferguson's 2nd grade classroom to kick off our work with the 3DuxDesign Iconic Home Architecture Set. 
She started by sharing the story behind 3DuxDesign and her own creativity and inspiration.  The kids shared what types of businesses they would create from their passions, including a super tall library so I could increase my reading fluency every day. 
The kids were so excited to hear about the pieces and connectors they designed for the 3DuxDesign kits. 
Ayana even shared a video of herself, along with her brother and mom, in their factory showing how they... and cut the cardboard pieces...
...with a big machine and...
...take the pieces and assemble them into what is included in the kits. 
Their mom showed how the connectors are added, how the boxes are built and how the kits are put together to send off to libraries, schools and families around the world. 
You will find the video, The 3DuxDesign Factory Tour here.
As we were asking Ayana questions, a few of our students and...
...Mrs. Ferguson, got out the pieces from the 3DuxDesign kit and started building.  Everyone was so happy to start. 
When I brought the Architecture Set to their classroom today, 
I also brought a big bag of lots of fun boxes that came with a holiday beauty kit I got in December. I thought these would be perfect for their Peaceful Van Meter Town. 
You will find the 3DuxDesign Designing Peace plan here that they are using for their first 3DuxDesign challenge and to use with your students. 
You can find more resources and information about 3DuxDesign here and... will find the Iconic Home Set and lots of others here on the Maker Maven site

Thank you Ayana.  You are such an inspiration and we can't wait to show you what our 2nd graders create and to see what you and Ethan continue to create too. 

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