Thursday, January 28, 2021

5 ALA Youth Media Award Posters and Background! These Are Awesome To Print and Post, Friends.

Every year after the ALA Youth Media Awards are announced, I love ordering up the books for our library and getting my hands on the awesome posters our friends at Follett create featuring the yearly winners of each YMA. 
This year, I made sure to add the link to the Follett YMA Posters to our Collection by Destiny focused around the YMA's too. 

In the 2021 Youth Media Awards Collection by Destiny found here, you will find a link to the posters for...
Follett also created and included backgrounds for each YMA featured in this list. 
You can find all 5 YMA posters and background here, where each can be downloaded to print and use to promote these YMA's and the award books.

I can't wait to print these off and get them displayed in our library, along with the special books that won. 

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