Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Visit "The Orchard" For Lots Of Special Pear Deck Inspiration, Resources and Ideas!

Our friends at Pear Deck have created a very special place for all of us to go when we are looking for ideas and resources to use within our classrooms, libraries and school community. 

As shared on The Orchard page, 

Ready to get started with Pear Deck?  You've come to the right place!  On this page, you will find a constantly-updating selection of our template packs, ready-to-teach activities and blog posts.  Browse the categories below or search for a specific topic. 

I visit The Orchard all of the time!  In fact, this week as I work with our first grade teachers on bringing Pear Deck to their classrooms, I went to The Orchard to find the perfect Pear Deck template. 

You will find lots of wonderful Pear Deck Templates at The Orchard.  
And over so many different topics from SEL, Social Studies, Science, Library Media, Wring, PE and more! 

When I was looking around for the first graders, 
...I found this one, Pear Deck Slides for Winter Fun.  You will find it here.
You can get a copy of the templates within Google Slides or PowerPoint.  I clicked on Google Slides and it prompted me to make a copy. 
I then made a few changes for our first graders.  
It was nice for them to be able to try out the different types of Pear Deck slides by drawing, writing and dragging the icon to the pet they'd like to have. 

I have to show you a few of their creative little creations...
They are just the cutest! 

In "The Orchard", you will also find...
...the Newsela Daily Decks, 
Weekly Wonders and...
...tons of amazing ideas on the Pear Deck Blog. 

As we think of creative and meaningful ways to engage our students, face-to-face, virtual and in blended learning settings, Pear Deck has given us one of the best places to go for ideas, inspiration and support. 

Check out the Pear Deck Orchard today, friends.  You will find it here

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