Sunday, January 31, 2021

Picture Books For Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Conversations and Learning

Digital citizenship and media literacy are two topics that we focus on so much with our learners and with our own families. I loved finding picture books for hooks to conversations, deep dives into important topics, and as a platform when creating projects, sparking debates and even writing new stories. 

And using picture books for teaching digital citizenship isn't just for your youngest learners. In fact, I have used several picture books with even my oldest students and you wouldn't believe the conversations that came about after introducing a topic through a picture book.

To bring these books together, I created a Padlet to share and for others to add ideas too. 

Here are a few of my favorites...
I love love love Selfie, a brand new Capstone book by Sandy Horsley. 
Selfie is perfect for talking to our younger kids about using social media. I love this story about Sylvie, who loves to take #selfies but learns its more important to be a good friend and to live in the moment having fun.  

You can find Selfie here on the Capstone website
Another one of my favorites from Capstone and Cantata Learning is the picture book I wrote called Staying Safe Online.  I am very proud of this book and especially love that it is about digital citizenship.  To make it even more impactful and fun for our learners, Cantata Learning pairs their stories with engaging illustrations and amazing music.  My friend and songwriter, Emily Arrow, wrote and sang for Staying Safe Online, which is part of my Library Skills series.

You will find Staying Safe Online here on the Capstone website
And lastly, if you haven't seen Me, Myselfie and I...A Cautionary Tale by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell you must add this one to your library and book collection.  
It's such a fun story and one that so many readers will be able to relate to.  You will find out more about it here.

You will find the Picture Books for Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Conversations and Learning Padlet here.  

Feel free to add more books to this Padlet by clicking on the hot pink circle with the plus sign in the right hand corner.

Have fun sharing these special picture books with your readers too, friends. 

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