Monday, January 11, 2021

Join Us For A NEW Global Buncee Project... My Ticket For Around The World Research Buncee Project!

Today, we kick off an exciting new research project for our elementary students.  We want to share with all of you and would love to have your students join us for this exciting trip too. 

It's called My Ticket For Around The World Research Buncee Project. 
Over the holiday, I came across this book, A Ticket Around the World, written by Melissa Owens and Natalia Diaz, and illustrated by Kim Smith. 

I thought it would be so fun for our students to get a ticket and use it to learn about different places around the world.  They could even create a research project about a place they wanted travel to and share it with others so they can learn too. 

When I thought about the research and how they could tie it all together, Buncee popped into my head! Buncee would be the perfect digital tool for them to use to create a virtual travel journal of where they went through their research with their ticket around the world. 
I reached out to my friends at Buncee and worked with them to create templates and stickers for all students to use for this project. 
Not only are there lots of templates and background for students to choose from, 
there are hundreds of stickers when I type in Travel to Buncee. 
They can travel anywhere in the world with these stickers! 
There is also My Virtual Travel Journal template with several slides... get them started on their research and journey. 
For this project, I also wanted to create a place for them to go as they researched.  We put the project research together around the the continents. 

I created a slide in Buncee and moved it into Google Slides.  When the students click on the tickets, it will take them to a single slide for each place.  On these slides, it will take them directly to PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next articles, and eBooks about different places on that continent. 

I also made sure to include different animals found there with PebbleGo Animal articles. 
Here are the different choice boards for Africa, 
 North America and...
...South America. 

You will find the published link here for this Google Slide deck and how it would look to students.  I took all active links out of this one since those are specific to my school and students. 

And here is the link for you to make a copy and add your own links to Capstone eBook, PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next, Buncee and more.  You can mix it up however you'd like. You can even add other database resources, eBooks, videos, etc... Whatever you have for country research and content. 
When their Virtual Travel Journal Buncee's are complete, they will add them to Buncee Boards specific to the certain continents.  We will be sharing these with all students, teachers and families within our community, and globally with all of you. 
Please let me know if you would like to do this project with your students and share between schools.  We would love to see where they would travel and learn together.  You can reach out on Twitter @shannonmmiller or my email for more information. 

Have fun, friends.  We can't wait to see where this research and project will take us! 

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