Saturday, June 18, 2016

Visit The Planets With NASA and Cantata Learning!

These beautiful posters from NASA recently caught our attention.  
The Visions of the Future posters are a glimpse into our imagination of what the future might look like.  I love to think about what the innovators and explorers of the future will bring to us.  

All of these posters can be downloaded and printed from the NASA website. 
You will find this information there. 

This is one of my favorite from the set.  Hagan and I printed off this one to hang up in his room.  
When I saw this post on the Cantata Learning Facebook page, I thought of so many other super fun connections and ideas for these posters by using one of my favorite science books and songs from Cantata. 
Visit the Planets by Wes Schuck and illustrated by Marcin Piwowarski is part of the My First Science Songs from Cantata Learning.
This book takes young readers on a trip through the solar system with a wonderful story and song, paired with beautiful and engaging illustrations.
I love how fun the planets are in the book.  Their expressions make the story and learning experience come to life.  
The music for Visit the Planets and all of the Cantata titles, can be found here

By pairing this fun song and book along with the NASA posters, you can turn this into a creative learning experience and have students create their own posters to be displayed and shared too. 

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