Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Free Song To Read, Sing & Learn When Planting Gardens This Summer....Cantata Learning's "From Seed To Flower"

We have been working on our little urban garden this week.  

Hagan wanted to have a strawberry bed so planted 32 little plants in his planter last week and....
Eric planted peppers, cauliflower, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and some new things we didn't have last year.  

We cannot wait to watch things grow and take care of them along the way.  

One book and song that will help Hagan understand what is happening in the garden is From Seed To Flower, which just happens to be the Cantata Learning Song of the Week!  
Within the pages of this beautiful book by Steven Anderson, children can explore and understand the life cycle of a flower and plant.
I love how the song will guide them through this process and help them remember the life cycle too. 

The interesting and engaging illustrations will too!  
You can listen and download From Seed To Flower here on the Cantata website.
This wonderful book is part of a series from Cantata Learning including several other science title for our youngest learners.
You can see all of the My First Science Songs on the Capstone website.  This is where you will order them too. 
Also, please check out the Life Cycles Pinterest Board from Cantata Learning too.  This is filled with terrific ideas and resources that tie in perfectly with these topics and books.  

I love the ideas I found for Hagan and I to explore this summer too. 

And in a few months, we can't wait to start eating what we grow.  

It is one of the best summer projects as we watch something from start to finish as a family and give Hagan a skill he can have forever.  

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