Monday, June 6, 2016

Did You Know That You Can Create Folders To Organize WithIn Canva?

I use Canva everyday.  

I use it for my professional work with students, teachers, during presentations and all kinds of other educational purposes.  

My family and I use Canva.
Brianna uses it in her college classes and internships. 

Hagan loves Canva for smashing into other digital tools he is using. 
I create greeting cards, branding posters, presentations, logos and so much more.  

With all of this creating within our Canva, it can get a little busy and unorganized.  

Well, last week I found the perfect solution!  

Did you know that you can create Folders within Canva to help with all of this creating and organizational needs? 
Within the main Canva window, it gives you a simple drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen.

One of the options is Add New Folder which allows you to add new folders and also delete folders too.

I created a folder for Cantata Learning.  I was then able to click and drag all of the Canva designs I wanted to put into this special folder.
When I open up the Cantata Learning folder, all of the designs I added were there.

It was that easy.   And it will be for you too.

Like I said, Canva is amazing!  By having access to these folders, makes it even more amazing.

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