Monday, June 6, 2016

Customize Scenes In "Storyboard That" With A Few Easy Steps

One of my favorite digital storytelling tools is Storyboard That. 
With all of the wonderful tools and resources within Storyboard That, it is one digital tool you want to put into your toolbox for your students and school community too.  

Last week they announced an addition that made it even better!  

We can now Edit the Scenes while creating storyboards!  With this feature, storyboards will take on a richer individually and students will take ownership of their creations more than before.  

It is very easy to Edit the Scenes within Storyboard That. 
After you add a Scene to a storyboard, you will see a pop up window that shows you how to rotate, layer, filter, change colors and Edit Scene.  

You will click on Edit Scene and additional options will pop up.  They vary from scene to scene. 
In this scene with the school bus, I can change several elements within the Smart Scene, which is what Storyboard That has called this feature.

I can change the Time of the Day, Weather, and Open and Close the Bus Door and School Door. 
 I love being able to change the Weather.  I made the scene snowy in the image above.
 I did the same thing within this mythical scene by....
changing the Weather to snowy too.

I love the individually that this new feature will bring to our students.

You just have to try it out with yours too.  Go here to make that happen.

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