Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Biblionasium and Follett Come Together To Create A Wonderful Reading Community For Our Readers

There is exciting news in the library and education world!
Biblionasium and Follett have announced a partnership that will support our readers even more.
One of my favorite tools to use with readers, teachers and parents is the award winning digital reading platform Biblionasium.
I love how it gives them a personal place to capture their love of reading by building shelves of books they are reading and books they want to read, setting up reading challenges and sharing reviews and recommendations with friends, family, librarians and teachers.
It take reading communities to a whole new level!

And with the Follett-Biblionasium integration, these reading connections and passions will grow even more.

From their press release,

In August Follett’s market leading Destiny Library Manager will be seamlessly integrated with  Biblionaisum’s award winning digital platform that connects young readers with their friends, teachers, librarians and parents in a safe and private space.

This integration will bring wonderful benefits to our readers which include: 
My students always loved using Destiny Quest, just like they did Biblionasium.  

They enjoyed keeping track of the books they were reading within our library collection and we used it as a place to share reviews and favorites.  

When they started using Destiny Quest on their iPads and personal devices, they loved this reading community even more. 
Now, as school starts back in the fall, our students will have one place where both of these amazing platforms come together to bring them an enriched, exciting reading community.

I can't wait to see where this will take our readers, libraries, classrooms and homes.
Thank you Biblionasium and Follett for bringing our readers together and developing their life long passions for reading even more.  

You can read all about the announcement here.

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