Friday, June 10, 2016

How Can You Use Padlet With Your Students? Dozens Of Ideas Here!

Hagan, Eric and I spent the day with teachers at the St. Vrain Elementary Tech Camp in Longmont, Colorado.
We started the day with my keynote Let Your Students Be Heard....Giving Your Students A Voice. 

Next, I shared digital tools to connect, collaborate and create during three different breakout sessions.
One of my favorite digital tools to share in all three of these categories is Padlet.  
During my sessions, I shared Padlet and lots of ideas on how it can be used.
I also shared a Padlet that I created for today.

On the Padlet, I asked them to share how they would use Padlet with students.
It was amazing to see the ideas they came up with!

I just had to share these ideas and resources with all of you.  I know they will inspire you too.

Please continue to share your ideas on our Padlet here

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