Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Monthly Pinterest Boards To Go Along With The NEW "Library Celebrations & Reading Promotions" Google Doc!

A few weeks ago I shared the new Library Celebrations & Reading Promotions Google Document in this blog post here.

It is turning out to be filled with wonderful resources, ideas and something for everyone as we celebration reading and learning throughout the year.

As my daughter Brianna and I worked on filling in the Google Doc, we realized it would be very special and helpful to create a Pinterest Board for each month too.
You can find the Pinterest Boards on the Google Doc under Resources.  

When you go to the Google Doc, you will see that we have added...
the Back-to-School and...
June...Library Celebrations & Reading Promotions Pinterest boards so far.

You can follow these boards and even be added as a Collaborator.  We would love to see your terrific ideas too.

Over the next few weeks, make sure you check back into the Library Celebrations & Reading Promotions Google Document to follow all of the Pinterest Boards we will be creating to support each month too.  Don't can find them under the Resources column.

Together we are making this a wonderful place to come throughout the year as we enrich our library and reading programs.

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