Tuesday, September 6, 2022

6 StickTogether Curricular Connections Choice Boards To Kick Off The Year! You Will Find Them Here, Friends.

The amazing curricular connections that StickTogether created and shared over the last several weeks gave all of us so many ideas on how to connect StickTogether to over ten subjects. I printed the curricular connections so I can use them as I collaborate with our teachers this year and dream up new ways to use the sticker posters, virtual sticker boards and pixel art digital tool. 

As I was brainstorming ideas from the StickTogether Curriculum Connections, I thought it also be fun to created choice boards around 6 (well, 7 since I included two of the Eric Carle ones for The Very Hungry Caterpillar) of our favorite sticker posters. 

You can see the StickTogether posters and choice boards in the image above. 

And you will find the links to the choice boards here...

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See Choice Board and Link to Make a Copy

Very Hungry Caterpillar Choice Board and Link to Make a Copy

USA Choice Board and Link to Make a Copy

Bridges & Design Choice Board and Link to Make a Copy

Hot Air Balloons Choice Board and Link to Make a Copy

I Love the Earth Choice Board and Link to Make a Copy

And just as a reminder, let me show you how you can Publish your choice board after you make a copy. 

On the Google Slide, go to File and click on Publish to the web. 
When Publish to the web pops up, click on Publish.
This will give you a link that you can share with your students. 
The choice board will look like this without all of the other editing tools around the outside. 

You can make any changes you would like to the choice boards.  For example, I am going to add PebbleGo articles and Capstone Interactive eBooks to mine so I can use them with our students at Van Meter. 

I will be posting the ones I mix up with these digital resources later today in another post. 

The sky is the limit and I hope these choice boards bring the StickTogether experiences to life even more for your students this year. 
You can find all of the sticker posters and more on the StickTogether site here.

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