Saturday, September 10, 2022

Creating New Book Bins In Our Library!

This fall, we have created a new space in our library for all of the series that our readers love. 

We have added so many books, especially our favorite Capstone characters and series so we wanted to be able to organize them in a way our readers could find and select them easily within our library. 
We started by moving two low shelves into an empty area of the library.  These were the perfect height for all readers to get to the book bins, even if they were on top of the shelves. 
Next, we pulled all of the different series of books that we thought would be perfect in our book bin area.
We put them into these plastic white baskets on the two shelves and also in another areas of the library where it made sense to add a book bin too. 
After the books were put into the book bins, my library assistant, Natasha, made me a list in a Google Document.  
I took that list and made 5 x 2 inch labels in Canva. I grabbed an image for each too. 

You will find the Book Bin Labels here in Canva where you can make a copy for your own use too. 
When the labels were all done, I printed them on cardstock, cut them apart and laminated them. 

We then punched two holes on the top of each....
....and connected them to the white baskets with two 1 inch loose-leaf binder rings. 
These are the rings I bought. 

It will be easy for us to change these that way. We can even rotate them for different holidays, special curriculum focuses and other for our needs throughout the year. 
I love how these little book bins have brought excitement to our library, especially to our readers, as we kick off a new school year. 

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