Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Celebrating Our Back To School Book Recommendations With This Display and Interactive Poster!

There are so many wonderful books that I love sharing during back to school time. This week, my friends at Biblionasium and I have pulled together 10 that we are using to celebrate with our readers during this special time of the year. Each celebrates our kids' ability to shine with unconditional love, creativity, and bravery.
This set of 10 books are ones that I can't wait to share with our teachers and readers.  There is something for all readers. 
As I pulled these titles together, I made a special spot for them right outside of our library. 
We put the books together and created a Canva poster with the covers of each book.  

When that was complete, I downloaded the image to my laptop. 
I then uploaded the image into a Google Slide and...
...added links to book trailers, read alouds, author interviews and more.  
Even a recipe for Chocolate Caliente from Capstone's new Lola series. You can find the recipe here too.

You will find the one above here to share as a choice board with your students and teachers. If you would like to make a copy, click here.
I also created a QR code with QR Code Monkey with that link too. If you use this poster in a display with the books like I did, students can easily scan the code to take them to this interactive poster. 
You can see in this image, how I added the QR code to the top. 

This makes the poster in the display I set up interactive. I can also share this with our readers online in their Google Classroom and on our library website. 

This year, my library assistant, Natasha, and I are going to be celebrating all kinds of books within our library. We can't wait to share even more with you, friends. 

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