Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Celebrate The 2022 Winter Olympics With This Choice Board Collection For Reading, Research, Listening, Playing, Creating and More!

The 2022 Winter Olympics are coming up on February 4-12, 2022 in Beijing, China.  

At our school, we are planning several special events for The Van Meter School Winter Olympics. 
To kick off our celebration, we will have our Opening Ceremony where the classes will walk in together carrying the class flags they create.  Each elementary "team" will be recognized and celebrated. There will also be a curling teacher competition, which the students will love! 

The next week, we will come together with our high school students for Our Olympic S.T.E.A.M. Challenge. Within each class, there will be 4-6 small teams. Each team will create a marble luge track. Members from the other teams will have a chance to compete on the tracks with marbles. 

During this time, there will also be other activities, learning and celebrating taking place within the library and classrooms. 
In the library, they will participate in lots of different reading sports for a Gold Medal in Reading during The Reading Olympics.  

You can read more about it and find this choice board collection here in this post.
To support our classroom teachers and our students at school and home, we also created The 2022 Winter Olympics Choice Board Collection.  

And guess what?  

The choice boards and ALL of the amazing resources included are available for EVERYONE to use with your students, teachers and school community during the Olympics too! 

The 2022 Winter Olympics Choice Board Collection can be found here.  This link is published and can be shared with all students, teachers and your school community.  

If you want to make a copy and edit, you will find the link here

On the slides, there are several PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next Articles, over 35 Capstone Interactive eBooks, videos, online activities, art activities and more focused on...
...the history of The Olympics, 
The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, 

Olympic sports, stories, and sportsmanship, 
and Olympic Athletes. 
On the very last slide, they can celebrate The 2022 Olympics by reading, listening, playing and creating.  This is where The Reading Olympics is included. 

Remember, you will find The Reading Olympics Choice Board here.
Here is the QR Code poster for The 2022 Winter Olympics Choice Board Collection. This is super helpful for kids to use that have devices like iPads. 

You will find the published link here and can make a copy here.

Today, when we shared the Van Meter Olympics plan with our teachers, we also shared The 2022 Winter Olympics Choice Board so they can start reading, researching, discussing, creating and celebrating the upcoming Olympics with their students before they start. 

We couldn't wait to share it with you too. 

We hope you join in on this fun and exciting event and celebration too. 
You will find the Capstone Interactive eBooks included in this choice board collection on this Capstone Member List. It also includes the print option and a few other Capstone titles about the Olympics, sports and athletes. 

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