Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Here Are A Couple Ways To Use Choice Boards To Support and Extend Our Reading Programs

One of my favorite things to do as a teacher librarian is to find ways to collaborate with and support our teachers with the resources they need for their classrooms, curriculum and students.  

One area I love supporting is the grade level reading programs. This week, our 3rd grade team had a request. They wrote, 

Our next Journeys stories have the following themes:

Ramona Quimby Age 8 ~ The Extra-good Sunday ~ it would be fun to have some Beverly Cleary choice stuff and/or items about Ramona.  Our skill that week is understanding characters and it would be fun to have some more humorous fiction characters to compare and contrast to Ramona.  

I loved this idea and went to work on putting together a choice board for our 3rd graders. 

First, I went to The World of Beverly Cleary site and found lots of things to include on the choice board. 

Next, I thought about how I could support the request to have some more humorous fiction characters to compare and contrast to Ramona.  
This year, I have been building a new book club program with our 2nd grade teachers and students using  the Capstone characters and...
...Capstone Interactive eBooks they all love.  
We have choice boards filled with Pedro, Yasmin, Katie Woo, Mr. Grizley's Class, Sadiq, and Pedro eBooks, along with a lot of others.

Since these choice boards were already created and our 3rd graders hadn't seen them yet, I thought these would be perfect to tie into the new Ramona Quimby Choice Board. 
I added the text box and covers for six different Capstone characters to the choice board.  
I then went to File and Import Slides to find all six of those choice boards in my Google Drive. 
Once I had the six Capstone character choice boards added to this Google Presentation, I linked the...
...slide that corresponded to the book cover. 
When the book cover is clicked, it will take readers to that particular choice board... they can choose what eBook they would like to read. 

I can't wait to share this with the 3rd grade team tomorrow and for them to use it with their students in a few weeks.  It sure is awesome to think how choice boards support and extend our reading programs in such engaging, interactive and meaningful ways. 

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