Monday, January 17, 2022

3 NEW Virtual StickTogether Sticker Boards To Celebrate and Learn About The Olympics!


With the 2022 Winter Olympics coming up in February, we are preparing for our own school wide Olympic celebration at Van Meter.  In addition to a fun Opening Ceremony's, collaborative STEAM challenge, and lots of fun games and activities, 
I put together The 2022 Winter Olympics Choice Board Collection for our students to learn even more.  I will be sharing this for everyone to use later this week on my blog. 

On the last page of this collection, students will be able to celebrate The 2022 Olympics by reading, listening, playing and creating.  I am excited about giving a place for teachers to add one of our favorite virtual activities....
...Virtual StickTogether Sticker Boards! 

And guess what?  There are 3 NEW virtual StickTogether sticker boards perfect for the Olympics! 
You will find these and more here

To learn more about how virtual StickTogether sticker boards work, check out this post, friends.  You can use them to celebrate The Winter Olympics with your students and teachers too. 

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