Monday, June 19, 2017

Watch This! A Sneak Peak At Collections by Destiny® Coming 7-7-17!

I can't wait for Collections by Destiny® to be available to everyone this summer on July 7!  

I have tried Collections out for myself.  It has definitely changed the way I look at so many things that we, as librarians and educators, must do.  And the way our students successfully tackle these skills and tasks too.  

Follett has created this wonderful Overview of Collections to give us all a sneak peak.  You can watch it here

Let me know what you think.  

I just know you will love Collections.  It is going to change the way we collect, create, deliver and share content and resources with our students, teachers and learning communities. 

It is going to change your life as a Future Ready Librarian too!  

You can read more at my post, Have You Heard About Collections By Destiny Coming 7-7-17, here

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