Thursday, June 29, 2017

One Of The Best Parts Of ISTE 2017....Playing Buncee Doodle!

One of my favorite things at ISTE was finding a group of educators and others having a blast playing a game together in the Buncee booth.  
They were playing Buncee Doodle! 

Amy Storer, one of the awesome Buncee Ambassadors, called Eric up to the screen for a turn.  
Now, you might be thinking.... Wait, what is Buncee Doodle?  

Well, let me share before I share what happens next with Eric!  

In the post, What Is Buncee Doodle, from the Buncee blog you will read....

So, what exactly IS Buncee Doodle, you ask? It’s a fun new game that you can do with your students! We’ve brought in Buncee Man, the Buncee Doodle expert, to tell you all about it!
Buncee Doodle originated from the minds of Buncee Ambassador and educator Amber McCormick & our very own Claire Cucchi. This game of creating & guessing requires students to create Buncees based off prompts. The student keeps their prompt hidden from their partner(s), and once they are done creating, their partner(s) must guess what the Buncee represents!
It’s a totally fun addition to all kinds of lessons, and all you need is a timer, devices, and Buncee accounts for your students.
After you and your students sign up for Buncee, just follow these steps...
For ISTE, they created a stack of cards with book titles and authors.
 Eric's card said he had to draw Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
This was his first time creating in Buncee, so Marie Arturi (Buncee CEO) helped him out a bit.

And then we all guessed!
We had to give Eric a hard time about his Buncee too.  :) 

I am so excited about Buncee Doodle!  

Buncee Doodle can be used for so many things...New books in the library, science review, math problems, retelling historical events, library orientation, rhyming words, sharing opposites, famous people and even as an ice breaker in getting to know each other at the beginning of the year.  In fact, it would be really fun for teachers to play at the beginning of the year.  

We can't wait to see how you would play Buncee Doodle too!  

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