Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fonts, Fonts and More Fonts! How Do You Decide?

I notice fonts everywhere I go.  

I love seeing the combinations put together and how different colors and sizes are used to tell the message they want to convey. 
Last week as I was preparing my new keynote, Let's Take A Road Trip! Future Ready...A Library Journey, I couldn't decide which fonts I wanted to use.  

In fact, I am pretty sure I spent over 3 hours trying to figure it out.  

I asked Eric, Hagan, Brianna....and all of them again.  
I do this every time I create a presentation.

I pick a couple fonts within Google Presentation and then switch them around over and over again.
I go to More Fonts and see if there happens to be ones I haven't seen or maybe even an awesome new one.  

Since I just couldn't decide last week, I started grabbing magazines and books looking for the perfect combination. I looked around as I walked through the airport in San Francisco on our way home from vacation. And I hit the internet and did a little research.  

This is when I realized there were several cool tools that could help!  
The first I came across was Font Pair, which helps designers pair Google Fonts together.  
I found Font Matcherator which takes an image with type and finds the fonts that match.  Since I was using different maps and wanted to find a font that would be perfect for the writing on them, Font Matcherator was helpful. 
 Last but not least, I came across a typographic dating game site called typeconnection.
Type Connection was fun and helpful as I learned several strategies for combining and matching fonts. 

As the site says, By playing Type Connection, you deepen your own connection with type.  
There were so many resources that I started the Font Pairings Pinterest Board, which I know will be super helpful and interesting to all of you too.  

Now I just have to ask...Are there special tools and resources that you use when picking and placing fonts?  

I would love to know and add them to the Pinterest Board too.  

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