Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hottest Thing At ISTE.... The Future Ready Librarian Poster and All Of The Amazing Conversations Too!

Over the last week at ISTE, there was a little buzz in the air.

It was all about Future Ready Librarians with conversations, presentations and celebrations taking place within the librarian and education world.

I had the honor of sharing in the ISTE Librarians Playground on Monday as Mark Ray and I talked with so many about Future Ready Librarians.
As we shared, Mark and I had a little something special to give away too.  It was the I Am A Future Ready Librarian poster that we dreamed up over the last few weeks.

We gave away hundreds of them during the ISTE Playground to librarians, educators and even several students.
I put them in the Follett booth and they flew out of there too.

I even had one man come up to me and say, Oh, is that the Future Ready Librarian poster?  My wife wanted me to come to ISTE and find her one!  That just made my day.

Below is the post I wrote a few weeks away about the posters and where you can download yours.

I will also have them with me at conferences and your Follett reps will be carrying them too.

Remember... This is a wonderful way to kick off your year as you work and evolve as a Future Ready Librarian.

You can share them in the library, put them in teacher mailboxes, bring them to your administrators and make sure they are in the parents hands.

Everyone will benefit knowing what you, as a Future Ready Librarian can do.

Read how below...
As I share the Future Ready Librarian framework during presentations and at workshops, conferences, webinars and other events,  I not only share Future Ready Librarians and all of the gears that empower us to drive change, embrace personalizing student learning and lead beyond the library, I also brainstorm and share ideas for making FRL part of any school and learning community.  

You can share the Future Ready Librarian framework in school wide professional development; back-to-school night with parents; copy it off and slip into teacher mailboxes; and how about hanging it up in the library and other places in the building. 

Well, when I mentioned this in the above slide at a conference in Texas a few weeks ago, I thought and brainstormed with others....

Why not make the Future Ready Librarian Framework into a poster with a super title like "I Am A Future Ready Librarian" across the top?  The poster could include how to connect socially and also through a QR code.  It could be a very useful tool for all of us as we move ourselves and libraries to being Future Ready too.  

I contacted my friends at the Alliance for Excellent Education and Follett as we went to work in creating a poster we could use and get into the hands, libraries and learning communities around the country sharing, strengthening and celebrating our Future Ready Librarians.  
Today, Future Ready Schools had it ready to go and shared it on Twitter!  It is just so awesome and one that you will want to print off, hang up and point out to everyone too.  

You can find the 11 x 17 or 18 x 24 Future Ready Librarian poster here.  Feel free to copy it and use in some of the ways we just discussed and thought about. 

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