Thursday, June 15, 2017

Track, Measure and Create Reading Goals For Your Student & Their Online Reading With Stackup!

It is always exciting to learn about something new that you just know is going to make a difference in the life of our students.  

Well, this week I learned about Stackup and I can't wait to share it with you. 
As stated on the Stackup site,

We track, measure and report online reading while providing the accountability needed to measure progress, while giving students the freedom to read what they want. 
It is for teachers, life learners and students.

Students are using Stackup to uncover interests and showcase the reading they go, while teachers are using Stackup to create and track reading goals in the classroom. 

Here is how Stackup works....
First, you add the FREE Chrome Extension.  
I was amazed when they showed us how the Chrome Extension popped up on an article online.  
Stackup’s patent pending technology tracks time when students are actually reading with high accuracy. 

Stackup also calculates the reading level & subject area of every webpage. 

Browse the web normally and it knows when you are engaged and reading content.
Teachers can assign and monitor reading by grade level, subject area, or website. 
Students can get credit for completing reading that interests them.
Join your groups reading challenges or start your own. 

Students can earn badges, rewards, and even compete against classmates! 

Badges of achievement are issued by subject area, providing important insight into students passion & interest.
And I really love how this Be A Critical Thinker reminder popped up on this news site.

Stackup empowers learners to ask themselves a few questions to make sure they are being a critical thinker while reading and researching online.  As we know, this is a valuable and essential skill for all readers.

I love how Stackup will give teachers valuable data on their students reading habits and foster a love of reading by getting a snapshot of what their readers enjoy reading.

You can sign up for Stackup free today and use it to track, measure and create reading goals for your students and their online reading too.

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