Monday, June 5, 2017

A Fun and Easy Way To Create An RSVP With Buncee!

I always found ways to not only engage my students throughout the summer, but the teachers too. 

It is the perfect time for learning, collaborating and connecting in the library with your teachers and really kicks off the new year on the right foot.  

As we plan these experiences, it is also great to use a tool that teachers and colleagues will find useful in their own classroom, planning and to use with their students.  

Well, I have some great news!  Our friends at Buncee have released a feature that will do just that!  

They have added an RSVP feature to their amazing digital tool which allows us to send an RSVP attached to a Buncee invite we create.  

Let me show you how!  
Once you have your Buncee invite created, you will click on the Share button in the right hand corner.  You can see the Summer Teacher Workshop Invite Buncee I created here. 
This gives you a lot of ways to share a Buncee including by HTML code, email, on social media and now through an RSVP.

You will click on RSVP...
...and then on Create RSVP.  
It will bring up the RSVP Template that lets you fill in all of the details.
Once you have the details filled out, you can send it to Recipients through...
an Address List or CSV Import.  
I added my email address to show you how this will look.
I received an email to say I received a RSVP to the Summer Workshop.
When I clicked on the Buncee in the envelope it opened up....
...onto the page to share the invite and RSVP information including...
...a place to respond and leave a comment.
As the person who created the Buncee RSVP, I can check the RSVP Status by going to Share again and clicking on RSVP.
This shows me who responded and if any comments were made.

I can think of a million ways to use this awesome new feature in Buncee but let's start with the summer.

In what ways can you use RSVP with your teachers, parents and students in the library and classroom too.

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