Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You Can Get The Book, Song and Other Resources For The "Winter Around The World" Project Online

Our Winter Around The World project is in full swing with students, libraries, teachers, and school communities all over the world.

We have Heather Fox's 2nd graders creating a Winter eduBuncee in the library at Amana Elementary in Iowa; Andy Plemmon's students creating music in the library at Barrow Elementary in Athens, Georgia, and the Year 1 class at Merrylands East Public School in Sydney, Australia creating a fun Storybird called Winter vs. Summer. 

All of these libraries and classrooms are using the Cantata Learning book Winter...The Coldest Season Of All as their inspiration to develop their own stories and songs about winter in all of these places around the world.

For our project, Capstone has made the book available online through
By going to and using the username snowing and password singing, you will come to Winter...The Coldest Season of All.  

You can use this eBook with your entire class, individual students or small groups, and send the information home with your kids to share with their families.

 Once you are in the Capstone Interactive site, click on Play Book and it will....
open up the eBook into their reader.  

The words and song will be heard throughout the book....This feature can also be turned on and off.
The words of the book will also be highlighted as they read along.
There are many things included within the eBook.

There is a Glossary, Guided Reading Activities, and To Learn More included to enhance the reading experience for students, teachers, and parents.
The Song Lyrics and Sheet Music is included within each Cantata Learning book too.
Winter...The Coldest Season of All can be downloaded from the Cantata Learning website and purchased as a hard cover book from this page too.
I also uploaded it into SoundCloud that anyone can use within digital projects that you may be creating.   Within eduBuncee and other digital tools you will be able to add the song or music that your students create.  You can find the SoundCloud recording of Winter...The Coldest Season of All here.

SoundCloud is the perfect tool that lets you record and add to the digital projects.
You can also find it on YouTube within the Cantata Learning YouTube channel...along with their other books.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of Skyping into my dear friend Michelle Cooper's library in Texas.  We are working on the Winter Around the World project with her junior high students.  It was great fun and I love their ideas of creating stories, songs, and art work to tell their winter stories too.

The eBook, SoundCloud recording, sheet music, lyrics and all of the other resources will help them as they work to create something very special.

I hope they help you and your students too....We cannot wait to hear this amazing winter story from around the world.
You can go to the Winter Around The World Tackk to find all of the details about the project.  And please email me at if you have any questions.

Follow and use the Twitter hashtag #winteraroundtheworld too.

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