Monday, November 16, 2015

Minecraft Joins The Hour of Code! announced something very exciting today!  

They have added Minecraft to Hour of Code this year in a partnership with Microsoft and Mojang AB for the Hour of Code coming in just three weeks. With the popularity of Minecraft, this is surely going to be a big hit with learners of all ages.  

And I love this because it will show more and more schools why bringing Minecraft to our school, students, and libraries is so important.  
When you click on the Minecraft link in
it will open up a window introducing Jen, the lead developer for Minecraft.  How cool is hear about his background and how Minecraft is creating using coding.
 Once launched, they can choose either Steve or Alex for the character.
 Next you are ready to explore a Minecraft world through coding.
One thing that has done an amazing job at is delivering their content in dozens of languages.  It is exciting to click on the languages within the Minecraft tutorial and see all of that are available.

As all of us prepare for Hour of Code, make sure you check out these events coming up.  These information sessions will be a place for us to ask questions and learn everything we need to know to prep for our Hour of Code too.

Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 5pm PST: An Educator's Guide to the Hour of Code

Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 5pm PST: Ask final questions, with founder Hadi Partovi
Make sure your school is all signed up and ready for Hour of Code week, December 7-13.  

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