Friday, November 27, 2015

Winter Is Here.....Find Lots To Do With Your Kids On The Winter Symbaloo & Winter Around The World Project!

Winter is here....With snow on the ground in a lot of places and the holidays upon us, we are all looking for winter activities, resources and places to engage our young people in learning throughout the season and all year long.

I have created a Winter Symbaloo that contains lots of different places to find wonderful winter resources and activities.  You can find it here.

One of my favorite things on this Symbaloo is the Winter Around the World project that is children, librarians, teachers and families are participating in all over the world.
In our Winter Around the World Tackk, you can find everything you will need for this project including the Cantata Learning eBook Winter...The Coldest Season of All to kick off the inspiration for this project and lots of amazing learning, creating and collaborating.
With all Symbaloo webmixes you can not only use this free social bookmarking tool, you can also Stop Updates and take the webmix as your own, making changes and adding your own awesome winter resources too.
And search for additional Winter Webmixes in the right hand corner of the drop down menu.  I always find great treasures here.

Over the next few days I will adding more winter resources to the Winter Symbaloo. I hope you and your students check it out....and please join us for the Winter Around the World Project too. 

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