Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Storybird Fundraisers Bring Beautiful Creations, Creativity & Stories To Our Libraries, Schools and Homes

Some of the most precious things to me are the books and stories my children have created over the years.

Brianna wrote stories and created books about horses.  Brady wrote stories and drew illustrations about football.  And Hagan writes and tells me stories about the Green Bay Packers, Iowa Hawkeyes, and golfing.  These are so dear to me and will always be something that I keep close.
When Brianna was 15, she wrote a story called The Kite Boy Gets A Best Friend For Life in a digital storytelling tool called Storybird.
This sweet story was driven by the beautiful illustrations that she found in Storybird.
However, she told the story of her brother Brady finding out about their soon-to-be baby brother Hagan...
through her own words that she put on the pages and by the illustrations she chose to represent each page.

I fell in love with her story of the Kite Boy.

And when we ordered her book just a few weeks ago I fell in love with her story even more.
Storybird is the best digital tool for sharing, creating, writing, and dreaming up stories.  You will always remember the stories that you create using Storybird as it ignites imagination, creativity, and writing in all ages.

And now Storybird has created a special program for all of us that will bring back something special into our school libraries, classrooms and school communities.
They have created Storybird Fundraisers.
This simple-to-run fundraising solution is one fundraiser that all parents and educators will love.

As you see it is very easy to initiative through four easy steps.
And just look at how much you can earn for your library, classroom and school.
We can support literacy, creativity and classroom needs, all at the same time with this wonderful new program from our friends at Storybird.
Storybird Fundraisers let parents purchase beautiful, professionally printed copies of their child's work.  Your classroom or school receives 30% of all sales, and, best of all, kids get to see their work in print!

And this is perfect for the holidays!  How wonderful would printed books and poems be for holiday gifts for parents, grandparents, and friends?

Even as a gift for a child herself.  To see their work in a real book would be the perfect gift!
If you are already using Storybird in your classroom, you can start running a fundraiser in five minutes.  All you need is an educator account and a class of students creating picture books or poetry.

Ready to raise some classroom cash?  Watch the video below and walk through our step-by-step guide here.
There's little else to do but wait at this point.  Purchases and proceeds will be logged to your dashboard in real-time.  You will be notified by email when your fundraiser ends and your funds are ready to be redeemed.
Best of all, you will receive that big box of stories, art and poetry at your school a few weeks after your fundraiser ends.

To sign up for the Storybird Fundraiser and get started, please click here.
For teachers who do not want to run a whole fundraiser, or schools that do not allow it, Storybird has created a Student Showcase.  With this teachers can share their student's work with parents through a private link. Parents can then purchase their own child's books.  This also provides a new way for parents and teachers to work together to encourage student progress.

You can read all about the Storybird Student Showcase feature at this blog post.
There is nothing sweeter to parents, family and friends than the writing and creating of our young people.  Storybird helps all of us put this int the hands of our loved ones, family, and young people forever.

Now when I go into our home library I get to see The Kite Boy Gets A Best Friend For Life on the shelf forever.  That will be one of my favorite books in our home always.

I hope you check out Storybird Fundraiser to bring this your library, school community and families too.

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