Sunday, November 15, 2015

Travel To Anne Frank's Hiding Place Through The Secret Annex Online

As I was looking through virtual field trip ideas for a friend who teachers 4th grade, I came across one that I couldn't pass up sharing on my blog.

It is called The Secret Annex Online where you can discover Anne Frank's hiding place.
As the site states,

The hiding place is in 3D.  You can wonder around the furnished spaces and get to know the stories from Anne Frank's diary.  
To begin your journey, listen to Anne introduce the Secret Annex.
There are several different spaces in the house that you can visit.
Each space has a description and video.
You can also hold down the cursor and move around the actual rooms throughout the house.  This is the feature that our learners will really love.
You can learn even more on this website including... 
Who's Who and...
The Outcome
The Anne Frank Museum is in Amsterdam.  The website for the museum is another wonderful resource to use with students.
There are many resources for teachers on this website too.

You can find the Anne Frank Museum website here.
These resources are available in three languages and can be viewed on a computer or device such as an iPad.

Virtual field trips and online resources such as these give our young people a chance to learn about so many historical moments around the world.  They make learning memorable and engaging, which is what we want for all of our students.

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