Monday, November 23, 2015

GoNoodle Will Get You & Your Students Moving Through This Holiday Season!

This morning I visited one of my favorite teachers and classroom full of kids.  It is Tracy Ferguson's and her 25 amazing 2nd graders at Van Meter!
Being one of the GoNoodle Ambassadors I am always excited to share fun things they send my way.....especially when I find something fun and new of the GoNoodle website!  

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, I found something perfect to share with my 2nd grade friends.  
When Exploring on the GoNoodle website looking for a few ones to share with the kids, I was super excited to see the heading Happy Thanksgiving...Do the moves with thanks and gratitude!  

How awesome are these and just in time to share before we celebrate the holiday with family and friends. 
There are four that you can find from the Explore page including a Guided Dancing one called We're Thankful For You! 
To start the second graders out on GoNoodle, I showed Maraca Turkey from Awesome Sauce.  I knew they would think this was super fun to dance, wiggle and shake just like the turkey.  

And look what they thought....
As you can, I was right!  
Just like all of the GoNoodle videos....
they get our young people so excited....
and bring tons of happiness, energy and fun to any classroom, library or home.  
And sending a few special treats home with my friends will bring GoNoodle to their homes and families too.  
To make it very easy to share during this busy week at school, Tracy can go to the GoNoodle Dashboard...
click on Invite Parents to find this....
Parent GoNoodle PDF to email, print or even attach to different social network messages.  

Happy Thanksgiving and have fun moving through this holiday season!  

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