Monday, September 7, 2015

Think, Make, Innovate Challenge....Check Out What They Are Doing At Grant Wood AEA Digital Learning!

Last week I saw a really interesting message on the Iowa Teacher Librarian LISTServ.  It mentioned something about a webcast series coming from my friends in the Grant Wood AEA Digital Learning department. 

This one really caught my attention because it is all about Thinking, Making and Being Innovative. 
In Think, Make, Innovate, our two hosts from the Grant Wood AEA, will take us on a journey in Makerspace activities and thinking.
Jason Marshall and Amber Bridge, both technology consultants with the AEA, have created something very special.
To learn more, you can watch this video and share it with teachers....
and this one with students. 
They are planning their monthly shows for the next several months.  

As you can see, there are a couple great ones coming up soon. In October, it is the Cardboard Challenge and 3-D Printing Challenge in November. I can't wait to see what they plan next. 
For the first one, Amber and Jason taught everyone about the Green Screen Photo Challenge. 

As stated on the site, The Green Screen Challenge teaches you about how to create green screen photos.  Green screen photos can put you in any location....where will you go? 
Make sure you watch it to find out how to get connected to these challenges too.
You can connect to the lesson plans for each Maker Challenge, like this one for the Green Screen Lesson Plan.

Don't forget...on each one, there will be a Challenge....
for you to do with your students, teachers, families, and community members too.

Thank you to Grant Wood AEA Digital Learning for bringing us such an amazing resource!  And for bringing us Amber and Jason.  :) 

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